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We Are Different?

Turk Grads provides career counselling and educational placement services to empower students to fulfil their academic dreams. We believe in maintaining a level of excellence in all our services that mentor and counsel the students at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate levels.

International focus - our students come from across the globe.

Student empowerment - we encourage learning and growth.

People not profits - education is a right not a privilege.


1-Free Admission: am I going to pay this company any fee for my admission in Turkish Universities? Turk Grads will process your admission including registration aid free charge.



2-Visa Support: how can this company help me with my visa? Guidance of complete visa file to Turkish Embassy, visa support letter coordination, and more


3-Airport Transfer: Can somebody meet me and pick me up upon my arrival? Turk Grads can offer you airport pick up to your destination after sending your Ticket to your consultant.


4-Turk Grads will assist you reserving on-campus, off-campus accommodation, your consultant will provide you with detailed information regarding rooms, monthly fees and payment method.

Resident Permit

5-we will guide you to prepare all necessary documents (online appointment, Health insurance, student certificate) and your file will be sent to Immigration department by school representative.


6-we understand the student needs and our team will help you with any requested help such as translation, equivalency certificate, transportation card, city map, sim card and others……..